What are the major services you render?

We are majorly into non-oil agro-export, expatriate support services, warehousing, commodities import with trademark licence and we offer umbrella services to foreign companies.

What Do I do if I want to export with CGIL?

Send us a mail specifying product of interest, offer price, product specification and quantity. Our follow up mail will give you further requirements.

How can I ensure that you export quality products?

Based on your specification, we carry out an independent test of our products and a certificate of inspection is issued to that effect. To be sure, we can also arrange for a test container to be sent to you before large orders are placed.

What is your export price?

FOB, CIF and CnF

How can I ascertain your product price?

Our follow-up response to each letter of intent will contain the product price. Product price is usually based on payment term, packaging, quantity and specification.

What are your payment methods?

  • Direct payment to our bank account.
  • Through western union or money gram.

What are your payment terms?

  • Advance payment.
  • Document against Payment (DAP)
  • Irrevocable Letter of Credit
  • Cash against Delivery (CAD)

How can I verify your status as an exporter?

You can verify our export status through our UK, Nigeria bankers or through The Nigeria Export Promotion Council (NEPC)

Do you have contact outside Nigeria?

We are United Kingdom registered and also have contacts in the United States that can have business meeting with you on our behalf.

What do I do if I want to set up an export company in Nigeria?

Send us a mail specifying the nature of the export business, nature of your current business, why you want to run an export company instead of importing products, your potential exposure, etc.

How can I take advantage of your immigration services for expatriate?

Contact us with the nature of business you are doing in Nigeria, your duration of stay and the shape of your contract, travel plans for your workers, registration status with Nigerian Authority.

How does your Umbrella Service work?

It works as an Alias system. You run your company in Nigeria as an indigenous company using our business name.