Welcome to Corelx Global Investment Limited

Corelx Global Investment Limited was established to link the borders between reliable producers and final buyers.  Our objective is to simplify product sourcing and procurement processes with our trading partners and deliver high quality products and services. We have excellent expertise and experience in facilitating various stages of export/importation including streamlined international services.

With strong focus on our clients, we are able to provide quick and competitive services to most countries worldwide with less fuss.

Our commitment to you - satisfaction, customer loyalty and guaranteed best products and services.  Maintaining good relationship with our trading partners, serving with integrity, respect and striving for best results is our focus in all interactions.​

Our Goal - expanding our range of quality products and services by employing proven delivery system that minimizes logistic related issues for the needs of our clients and customers.


Our History

Our vision dates back to our parent company, Jonob Enterprise, which started trading as integrated chicken-fish and commercial farming agri-business in the late 80s. We are focused on the long-term, and to improve outcomes, deliver value and efficient international support and procurement services, Corelx Global Investment Limited was incorporated in Nigeria and the United Kingdom in 2016 and 2018 respectively.

Over the years, we have established ourselves as a reliable business partner, providing cost effective and high value services mainly as a supplier of agricultural commodities and other non-oil products.

Our Value Chain

Providing high quality service with continuity to customers and intermediaries is critical to our strategy.

Our resilience is in the sourcing and traditional supply chain sectors with a broad base of farmers growing and supplying the agricultural commodities we supply to customers. Nonetheless we have also evolved to develop end-to-end supply chain capacity through mutual agreements with our reliable suppliers, our warehouse infrastructure and extensive logistic network which enable us to cost-effectively deliver most commodities on demand.

Vital to reduce cost, optimize effort, eliminate waste, and increase profitability, Corelx Agro Seeds also aims at consolidating the capacity of farmer-researcher, hands-on technical support, development, dissemination and adoption of improved seed and planting materials. These are important in preparing and helping small farmers meet changing climate regimes.



Natural farm soil and land produce quality products – we work with our farmers and ensure they are using natural seeds and are employing best techniques and practices.
Our customers expect products to meet certain safety and quality standards that we are well aware of and also share with our farmers.
Deforestation and forest degradation contribute to global greenhouse gas emissions. As charcoal exporter, we recognise there are more ways to get involved in addressing global concerns.
Corelx is a major supporter of the government afforestation and tree-planting initiative across the states of the Nigeria.